Life After Print

by The Good Life on September 6, 2011

in Snowboarding, The Good Stuff

Sounds like a blog about the dissappating of editorial, and the convergence, of online, but no, its just the name by which one of the leading lights in photography and all things media go by.  James Bryant.  As a Calshot local back in the day, and then editor at Document I have always admired James for his work, and so here is a quick picture which he took a long time back.

The reason for this picture, is well, half is the mrs goodlife, and the other two are Jakes Welch and Blauvelt, when all of us where still rolling deep in the F.    Mareike is probably telling them where the next night spot is for a bit of late night dancing.  Jake has since gone on to do his own project, Naturally, with a video part coming out at the end of the year.  To see more of his TV show, check out his website here.  To check out his video part have a look at this on Transworld, and when it finally is possible to post the vimeo video up on here, it will be there right away.

Until then, Thanks James for the photo go check out his website and thanks Jake for showing Snowboarding as it should be….

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