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by The Good Life on September 29, 2011

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So the premier league has now seen 6 weeks of action, and so thought about time for a quick round up so far.  I have a few pictures from the opening fixtures too, from Senior Weaver.  Teams running out vs wigwam first home game in the premier league.

I think when the fixtures came out, everyone very romantically hoped we would snatch a victory at Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal, but I suppose that was always just a dream, as the reality of playing these teams away from home is that they are all Top 4 teams, each spending tens of millions on a player at the drop of a hat.  That said, we should have had something out of the Arsenal game, but we live and learn.  These kind of teams, know how to take their opportunites, and manage to still win when not playing well which is the sign of the top 4.

Gary Monk Vs Torres. Free Transfer marking 50million.

But then we have had 3 home games aswell, against opposition all of whom seem at home in the premier league in the area between around 7th 0r 8th down to the relegation spots, and against those teams, we have looked comfortable throughout.  Against Wigan and Sunderland, we had the chances to win the games, and have already hit the post 7 times, so hopefully thats something that will turn into goals soon enough.  At home to West Brom, it all clicked and we finally started scoring, and you could sense the relief in the players, and for our wingers and one of our strikers to get off the mark, its a great step forward for them all.

So after 6 games, this is how the table looks:-

So you can see there we are in 16th a couple of spots above the relegation zone.  Start of the season, a successful season for us would be finishing 17th, so anything better than that will be amazing.  With having 5 points after 6 games, and 3 of those being against teams, which in all fairness we probably have little chance to get anything from, I think in general we have to be very happy with the way things are going.

The positives so far look to be that our passing game has travelled well into the premier league, and that we dont seem in awe of anyone.  Some players seem to be aquitting themselves more than adequately, including Leon Britton, Joe Allen, Neil Taylor, Ashley Williams, Leon Dyer, Scott Sinclair, although he is still getting back to his best it seems.  One of the biggest positives has to be the fans, and the atmosphere generated home and away.  You look to stoke and they make such a racket at the Brittania it really intimidates the visitors each time, and if that helps you get another point of two through the season, then it all counts.  Another positive is that our manager seems to equip himself perfectly in the premier league.  He has integrity, talks well, has his team playing, has had some tragic personal events and held himself perfectly throughout.  Against Neil Warnock and the rest of the complaining premier league managers Brendan is doing fantastically.

The only other thing to say here is that with the amazing play of Leon Britton in midfield who as according to one of the broadsheet papers “if Swansea are Barcelona, then Leon Britton is there Xavi in midfield” I find it absolutely insane, that after 59 minutes playing again after not kicking a ball competitively for 3 years, some media are asking Owen Hargreaves and even Michael Owen about a recall, but would never think about asking Leon the same thing.  Joke.

The main negatives would be the injuries.  This early in the season, everyone is still finding their feet, and to be stripped of Steven Caulker the man mountain in defence who was like a rock at the back, Kemy Agustien who was playing very well in midfield and giving us a little more steel in there and Alan Tate everyones favourite Jack Bastard managed to break a leg on a golf cart.  Missing those 3 is a real blow to the team, especially as those 3 are defensively really giving us some strength.  Couple that with FIFA being a bunch of mugs without a clue of what is going on in world football, and refusing a work permit of Darnel Situ and Halliche, and we are low on cover now, and will be asking John Cornforth to start lacing up if we dont get some cover soon enough.

So how will we do through the season then?

Well on the back of the opening 6 games, it looks to be that we will be fine in the premier league, as long as the fans understand that we will lose some games, and some games heavily, but there is enough average teams in this league, and so we just have to ensure we take points off those teams around us, and with the aim being around an average of one point per game, we need to write off those games against the top 6 away from home almost and win games around the teams beneath them, and then we should be fine.

Either way whatever happens, we are all proud of you Swans, its amazing to watch our the Jacks playing against these big clubs in the premier league, and I for one think that we are going to be here next year aswell.

Onwards and Upwards. Believe.

Jack Army!



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