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by The Good Life on September 18, 2011

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So with the start of the football season, I have managed to spend a few more evenings in front of the TV, and noticed these adverts which are all over British TV.

So the first one, is for the Toyota Yaris, I had seen another of these which has some white rapper on it, but then when this one dropped, I knew the rapper sounded familiar, and true enough it was the Riddim Killa himself Rodney P, giving it the big un.  Its a very different advertising campaign, but I suppose it goes after a different sector, when you look at the car market.

Then I saw this one, and hated it first time, probably because of the name of the company, but I suppose its like back in the day with the Gold Blend commercials where each one becomes like a mini TV show, except this is with some winkly plastic folks. Bit like the Arsenal defence then.  Good little bit of drum and bass from the old boy on here.

Then the 3rd one, is for a computer game, which normally leaves me numb, but it must be said this for Gears of War 3 is pretty amazing.  Its all blood, guts and thunder, but set to a beautiful piece of music, with the words “Brothers to the End” and then just “The End” is a really nice touch.  Good work gaming nerds at coming up with something new.

Then you may not have seen or heard of these Cult figures, but the Meerkats are celebrities in their own right now, and should have their own tv show anytime soon.  Love the accents.

The Meerkats are taking on the world it seems, and finished things out for todays post with the standard Meekats vs Hitler video.  Looks like the meerkats are trying to take over the world and dont set to listen to anyone, not even the Austrian.  Talking of Austrians.  Has anyone seen a worse footballer than Paul Scharner.  Donkey.  Thats another post…

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