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This week Mel and Bernie got married down in Capbreton, in a beautiful location right in the city.  Here is a few pictures of their amazing day.

They both looked amazing, as did all the ladies gathered.

Arsene Wenger also sent one of his Arsenal Scouts out to check on the “next generation” who will be playing in the Carling cup this season.  The scout doesnt look overly impressed with this scamps stretching.

Looks like he might have well found his man in the end though.  

The team who bring us Onboard were there for one of their past employees who was tying the knot.

The French editor getting in on some hipstamatic and ballon action.

At the end of the evening there was a great two piece playing, led by Mathieu Pesque, who played an amazing set including a bit of Muddy Waters and some Oasis amoungst it all.  I will be adding some videos later this week too from him, as they were amazing.

The girls put together an amazing video of Aint no Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye which we all sang parts of and then edited together, such a nice little present for their wedding day.After the beautiful couple had their first dance, Mel through out the Bouquet and all the ladies gathered in the garden.  Having an already tall girlfriend, who then goes to a wedding in 4 inch heels, means that she is there front row ready to out jump all the others, and so for the second time in two years, she went home with the Bouquet.  Three strikes your out I guess.
We all had balloons to send out into the atmosphere with wishes on, which some of which made it to spain, some Biarritz and a few probably didnt make it across the river in Hossegor.
Thanks for a great day, and many happy wishes for their future.  Especially their honeymoon to the Maldives!

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