Down Days

by The Good Life on October 10, 2011

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The Last couple of days here have been pretty awful weather.  Infact its been straight up junk.  So we have used the time for some serious cross sport activity.  Mr Kevin Bäckström getting it done on the tennis court.

and also on the surf.  Getting ready for next summers US open.

Gerome Mathieu is a legend straight up and down.  That French away strip is pretty epic too.  Love that.  He is a monster of a tennis player to boot.  Try and play him, and be afraid, very afraid.

Gjermund is the cross sport boss.  Try him at Football and he is like a Norweigan Wayne Rooney.  Talented, skilful, and gives 110% but you can see that in a big game he might blew his top….

Sage Kotsenburg, is doing it for the US team.  Him and Kevin had a pretty solid team partnership going on throughout.

This is the scene of devastation after we left the boots on the balcony.  Two inches of water in them….

Some serious food cooking has been going down in the evenings too.  Curry with Popadoms. Epcis

The gymtime has been surf workout and yoga too.  Sometime have to fit some snowboarding in too.

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