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by The Good Life on October 27, 2011

in Austria, Nike

So today we are getting packed up and leaving Hintertux, well Mayrhofen, but yes, we have been here for the last month with the whole team, I will post a few more pictures, but in the meantime here is the last few days here…

This was the weather on Monday.  Cloudy everywhere in Italy and on the way up, but the park stayed clear.  Perfect conditions but Cold as can be.

This guy is off to London for the premier of Sexual Snowboarding.  Win tickets on helgasons.com today!

Johannes has been around most of the last couple of weeks, keeping everyone entertained, and filmed.

These two legends have been on the hill this week too Joonas Mustonen and Danny Larsen cruising in their own style.  These two are what snowboarding should be about, instead of who can do the quickest double cork whilst grabbing your leg.

This is Dannys video part from Hooked…

This is some footage of Joonas.  He is the boss.

See you in London

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