by The Good Life on October 24, 2011

in Football

So this weekend, the Premier League was once again in full swing, and the mighty Swans were in action up against Wolves.  Now, having played Chelsa, Arsenal, Man City and some established teams, being anywhere apart from the bottom 3 is an achievement so right now, we are playing well, and everyone is proud of the team.

We should have beaten Wolves, but well, a point away from home is always good.

What I did see yesterday though, was this game below.  Chelsea away to QPR.  Now I wanted Chelsea to win, to mean Qpr dont race ahead of us in the league, but it has to be said, watching John Terry, Ashley Cole and Fat Franky Lampard argueing, complaing, moaning, fouling I was happy to see them loose, as they were shown up as the classless jokers they are.  Funny thing was, if they had concentrated on playing football, they would have beaten QPR even with 9 men, but they insisted on trying to win a penalty all game.

The langauge used by the whole team was awful throughout and now it turns up Terry has been alleged to make racist remarks to Anton Ferdinand.  Classless mug.

This is how it went down.

Will get some more updates going asap once the pace of things here slows a touch.

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