by The Good Life on October 9, 2011 · 1 comment

in Snowboarding

Life on the road can be interesting to say the least, with so much travelling, and organising yourself and others, it can easily get on top of you, but when your travelling with Halldor, even if he is hanging on for dear life, you know that you have to love it.  This is a quick montage which shows a day in the life getting Halldor across countries, on planes, through security, doing media stuff, dinners, and he handles it all somehow, all the day after the premier of Sexual Snowboarding in Sweden, where he sent it to the moon and back.  Just check his pants in the boardag shot.

Its crazy with Halldor, he seems to be hanging on, but people have a natural aversion to him.  Checking into a flight he has 12 kilos too much luggage, and after some quick swedish comes out of his mouth, he is on the flight no questions asked.  A bit later on the flight, the stewardess puts a blanket over him, gives him water and treats him like her own child.  He seems to live a blessed existance as he cruises round the world.

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