Hintertux – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

by The Good Life on October 12, 2011

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So after 4 days of bad weather and one day of good weather for the park to be reshaped we all headed up the hill with baited breath, several of the worlds best riders, Frode Sandbech from Transworld, and the legend David Doom ready to film… and to start off the blog, lets go for the bad…

Yep the park wasnt ready.  This was the bad part of the day.  This was after the last good weather day we had before the cat driver having driven his cat across the inrun to the big jumps, and closing the medium line.  You get the picture. Frustration.  What with having the national teams from Norway, Finland, Italy, Austria, a good few brands having photographers on hill and a heap of US riders including Chas Guldemond on hill ready to throw down.  They paid thousands on flight tickets, accomodation etc and yep, the park wasnt ready.  At least they get paid to be up here, but the kids who save up their money to buy lift tickets, thats who really it sucks for…..

Check out Halldors sad face.  Thats what no jumps meant for the lobster himself.

Little Red Riding Hood came from Canada, so no wonder Spencer looks upset.

Grillo is so determined to learn his quad cork he is taking to flipping and grabbing on the snow.  Its the new trampolining I heard.

Anyways thats enough moaning, I know the guys up their shaping by hand put in the hours, and want it ready as much as everyone else, but well, there we go…. Thanks to those guys for working hard up there to get it ready for tommorow.

So thats the Bad.  Now for the Good.

Good is having Mr KB back in the crew and riding again, great to see.  Ladies form a que.  Not that que.  Thats still the que for Stale.  Make a new line for the Swedish Heartthrob Mafia.

What else is Good?  Well seeing Tyler Chorlton is always good.  Seeing his new pro model is even better.  The graphics look banger, from Apo who i used to be so hyped on back in 98 when i wanted the David Vincent board.  Maybe the modern day stuff is the best since then.

Tyler is the Cat on the team Gerome, Coin Coin is the duck so you can see whats going down right here with those two.    Le Petit Chat sont a mort la Canard.  Pas trop Joli pour le Coin Coin.  Gerome je souhaite vous etes avec nous encore une fois quand tu peu, nous manque toi, et nous voulais jouex tennis avec le canard.

And of course now for the Ugly.  The best part of the post.

Halldor saw this guy in the lift and was instantly amazed at this guys über steez.  He has taken the tall T hanging out to a whole new level, this is Tall Jacket underneath short jacket, in XXL, with the wildest colour combos ever to be seen.  Orange, with bright yellow, and some bright blue beanie underneath a bright green helmet.  Check him out right here this legend.


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