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So the world and his wife have made their way up to Hintertux it seems now.  Makes for some good times, some good snowboarding, and a lot of football in the evenings.  We have our whole team here, just waiting on Halldor to drop in and then I will have the full deck of cards, Joker included.

Gjermund, KB, Sage, Ethan and a couple of hangers on, messing up my shot.

Someone is trying to tell us black is for boys, red for girls for this year?  

Jamie Nicholls is staying too, but not with us, I guess he knows that he will be made to do the washing up and stuff, so he rented a mansion in the hills for himself.  Killing it on the hill though and his football skills have seriously improved.  I tell you a team with him and Gjermund Braaten the midfield general and you cant go wrong.

Its been super good to see Kevin back on the hill too, he had a tough year with injuries but he is back and ready to boss things this season.

So most of the riders blogs you can look at like Aimee Fuller or Ethan Morgan will be full of edits and the great times here in tux.  I thought mine should take a different line, and look at the dark under belly of preseason snowboarding.  This is what I am talking about : Austria Power Team.  Powered by Colgate.  Shiny teeth all round, but some whack attack steez going down.  They seem to have their freestyle team here who are doing good and not wearing the toothbrush jackets, but the they also have about 6 people with flouride powered outerwear I guess they are boardercrosses or something else as equally strange, riding like 10 foot boards with zero sidecut, and they are riding the big jumps to practice for their strange little sport.  They ride up them flapping like the worlds ending, then compress on take off, suck all the pop out of the jump, then flap some more, and then land, unsuprisingly still flapping.  Whilst these homeboys tell them what they are doing wrong.  Its simple matey.  They might as well be skiiing.  They have the worst style since Justin Timberlake went snowboarding.

Then to make matters worse and warrant a ryanair style rant, they come down and que jump in front of me, and mouth off to me, thinking I dont speak their horrible german diallect so I give them both barrels of my deutsch and they still look they own the place.  Mugs.

The other people in for it today are our friends the skiers in the park.  I have no problem at all with skiers in general, and i used to ski dryslope when i was 11 years old, as some kind of badboy slalom skier, but its just the general malaise of trying so hard to be cool, which is getting me.  They seem to slam so often too, but then take longer than Ronaldo to get off the floor, then they got to pick up their skis, then the headphones, and the poles are probably stuck in the snow, and i guess the go pro camera needs fixing it just slows down the pace.

I guess this shows the general style they have up there.

There are a lot of cows this time of year, all of which seems to now be a big tourist attraction, pretty good to see how they are doing running round the town, and scaring people here and there.  Silje managed to somehow get lost on the way down the hill yesterday so had to hitch hike and then run the gauntlet through a field of cows to get back to our place.

You can see rush hour was thrown into panic with yesterdays cow herding.

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