Hinterux – The Good, The Great, The Beautiful

by The Good Life on October 16, 2011

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After last weeks post about all things snowboarding in Hintertux, I thought it about time to redress the balance.  We have had a couple of good weather days, with the park in good condition.

Well done to the shapers up there who have been getting after it, making sure the jumps have been working fine.  Credit where credits due, the jumps have to be amongst some of the best in Europe right now.

This guy has been up here charging it hard with the best of them. 10s seem standard now, and he is solid as a rock everytime.  Also he has been playing some serious football too, like a young Bobby Charlton.

We managed to catch up with Freddie Evensen a few days too, who has been hitch hiking up the hill.  This is how he looks going up the hill, getting ready for a shred….

And this is how he looks after riding alongside KB, Tor and the rest of the Norweigan tanning team.

We have been getting up early as possible to get after it on the hill, and get up the hill before all the germans get up there and stake their claim on the liftlines.

Worthwhile getting up there nice and early as its beautiful.  We also decided on doing a premiere for Sexual Snowboarding down at the seeker in Mayrhofen, so Halldor could give out a few drinks, and stoke some kids out….  So this is how it went down.  Giving out a couple of beers.

Must have been about a hundred people in there watching the movie…  Pretty great turn out.

We then went for a dinner at Becknas, where they have some of the best food in Zillertal, and easily the best welcome to a group of semi drunk snowboarders.
David Doom, somewhat fuzzy next to Silje.  Not sure if thats the camera or the wine deal he had going…

Frode, Beckna and KB enjoying a schnapps, well not KB he is now not drinking and looking like a boss.  So after a couple of beers, and some schnapps, you can imagine how Halldor was looking….

Him and Gery enjoying the good life.  And with Halldor, what goes down after some schnapps?

Yep thats right.  Pebble dashed streets….
So heres KB and Tor, the Ninya has he says it when he is catching flies in the bus up the hill.  Great to see them both on the shred again.  We also had this bloke for the last two weeks here.
Amazing having Gjermund here, he is one of the most competitive people you will ever see in anything he does, Football and Tennis especially, where he is always trying 110%.  He is off home for a week, thanks for the good times Bloke.
We also had some photo business to do so we drafted in the one and only Frode Sandbech with whole family in tow, well wifey and lil broheim in the mix at least.  I have been doing some photo assistant business for him this week, well pressing a flash button couple of times a day, could qualify me as work experience.Thank you all for a great couple of weeks so far! Love this time of year!  Thanks to all the shapers for the last couple of days!

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