Lobster – Before, During and After

by The Good Life on October 20, 2011

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So this week Halldor got back from the Big Bang in the UK.  So with Sun forecast, we headed straight up to Tux again to get on it again.  All looks good.  Semels and smiles on the way up, well kind of smiling…..

Then this went down.

That slam, which was supposed to be a Cab 5 Japan underflip thing, turned out pretty heavy, as you see here.

Left Halldor with some serious damaged face, and black eye for his trouble.  So now he has rolled everything into this new look

Perfect for suntanning those lips.

These two left this week.  Good times always with the worlds loudest teenager, and the quietest fin.  What a dreamteam combo they are.

Spencer also left this week.  She was charging for the time she was here, and got involved in some schnitzel, some football, tennis and a spot of climbing,

She also cooked for me and Tom one night, an amazing dinner, Chicken Schnitzel with green beans, mash potatoes and an amazing Balsamic Sauce to go with it all.  If you want the recipe head over to her blog at http://www.spencerobrien.com/blog

I also met this Furry bloke down in Munich who definitely deserves a mention on the goodlife.

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