Love London in Black and White

by The Good Life on October 31, 2011

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The great thing about holding events in Cities, is, well, they are in Cities and means that your not stuck out in the cold for weeks at a time watching some snowboarders doing back 10s on repeat, and so having the Freeze in London, means you get to see everything that a city has to offer in a weekend.  Kicking things off here is Mike Skinner and the Streets.  A lot of people where talking some trash on him, but to be fair, if you have heard his albums, its no surprise its fairly mellow.  He has some amazing songs though especially from Original Pirate Material which I remember from my days at University.  Mike Skinner pretty much came out of nowhere and created his own Genre about a decade ago.  Story telling at its best.

Any visit to London, needs a traditional breakfast to kick start your Sunday.  Anything else, just doesnt cut it. All for under a fiver.  People say London is expensive, but in Europe that breakfast would cost you at least a tenner, if not more.  Damn, some of the hotels round Europe charge towards 30 euro for a breakfast.  And you know its not like this.

Eggs, Bacon, Mushroom, Toast, Beans, hold the Tomatoes, some Sausages, any questions?

Some amazing views around the city.  Just off Picadilly.

I think this was roundabout Carnaby street.  Dan Crichton will probably tell me the exact address, but it is a good looking street.

Wherever I go, I am always full of admiration for street performers.  Maybe its because of me and Henry hosting events, that I know how tough it can be keeping a crowd, but these guys, just have the crowd eating out the palm of their hand.  This was down in Covent Garden.  The magician did an amazing trick of lighting a match with a yo yo.  The match was in some ladies teeth too, so it was quite the feat.  One that if you seen Kevin Backstroms part in Isenseven you know he could handle.

This guy, who isnt on a Good Life retainer,but maybe he is on some Nike retainer for street dance, was out and about on Saturday morning getting some dance going on with a couple of kids supporting him.  He managed to get Picadilly Circus up clapping and shouting along.Maybe Nike Town London are keeping this bloke in T shirts.

Its amazing how many theatres there are around town too, especially up in the west end.  This play has been going for 59 years.  Must be good.

Around London, I saw this sign a few times.  Its by Ghandi.  It would be pretty good if they could translate this into German and French.  Its so good strolling into a shop and getting a bit of a chirpy cockney fella giving it the good morning and all.

The number of shops and restaurants you go in and the person behind the counter looks like your a piece of Dirt in French and Austria is insane.  Most people are amazing, but seriously some places you go its crazy.  Gandhis word didnt spread that far I imagine.

Meanwhile the black and white machine has been working over at the Freeze in the afternoon. Jamie Nicholls getting the full love display from Tim Warwood.

Jamie watches the second heat from afar as the gathered masses cant believe their eyes.  Probably their reaction after watching someone grab their leg on a back 10.  “Please not another one”

This lady is getting ready for some Halloween, or maybe its Movember which is kicking off tommorow, and yes we are all dropping in again.

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