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So by now, I know you will have seen the webcast, watched the video i made, read Jamies Blog, and heard just about every piece of news out of Japan, so I just thought I would upload a few more pictures, which you maybe havent seen yet.  This was the area of Shibuya where we were staying, great little area.

This is it at night.  Take a look at that football pitch.  As long as its Swansea (the british barcelona) playing up there we wont be loosing any footballs.

This was one of the greatest sights of the week.  Through the looking glass in the sushi restaurant where its standing only.  That place seriously is one of my favourite places to eat in the world now.

This is one of the many sights we saw, the amazing temple, which we took the tube too.  Straight off the plane, then a tube, then some sushi and a beer, slept all the way back on the tube.

We went along with Jamie and Woltek, the red bull tourist teams themselves.

Every street has vending machines for drinks, beers, cigarettes and pretty much anything else you can think about.  Looks like the one on the left they are selling BOSS aftershave too…

Fashion is a big thing here in Japan. These two going for their own special look just off the main street.

Alright then, now for the contest.  Henry and T-Bird were in charge of the webcast, bringing in riders through the day.  Unfortunately the pottymouth Morgan was the first one, who proceeded to swear and curse like its going out of fashion.  Germans. Well Half germans, half americans, born in Japan.  Thats right he was born in Okinawa. 3 pictures till the greatest photo of all time.

Also there taking care of TM business, was the boss Keller himself.  As you can see it was raining a little here and there through the day…. Keller needs some goretex or something… 2 pictures till the greatest photo of all time.

Zac Marben may well have a) the best method in the game and b) the best facial hair in the world.  Even in the rain. 1 picture until the greatest picture of all time.

I realised that Ethan Deiss looks a lot like Toby Andrew who I was at Uni with.  Both amazing rail riders in their era. Here we go with the greatest picture of all time.

Stevie decided that if Snowboarding doesnt work out, he can go into either a) bobsled or b) becoming a human canonball.  Well either way at least Red Bull will give him wings.

So into the contest business.  The fans love snowboarding.  They love Scott Stevens more than anyone else it seems too!  Capita is huge down here.

So from a pretty heavy rider list, both the Euros I had there, Ethan Morgan and Jamie Nicholls made finals, which considering the rider list was amazing.  Ethan with some kind of frontboard tail thingy, which i dont know the real term for.

8 from 17 went through, and so then it was head to head, Ethan vs Dylan Alito but to be fair the madman dyan alito was on fire and so charged all the way into the finals.  Jamie beat Swoboda, and then the Japanese hero, to meet Alito in the final match up.

Jamie rode super good, and I am claiming nothing, but I said to him soon as he was in top 8 he would win, as he was riding so clean, popping in and out, and really just locking everything so good.  Its amazing to see how far he has come in the last couple of years, on rails, in slopestyles, in big airs, he is a boss, and this sealed it for him.

Thats right, he won 15 grand, cash.  Booyah boss.  This is how the rest of that night looks…. Good times, Messy and Jamie running the game.  Congrats Jamie.

Jamie Nicholls 1st, Dylan Alito 2nd, Ethan Deiss 3rd.  This is the video i made of high speed Japan again incase you didnt check it yet….

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