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by The Good Life on November 13, 2011 · 3 comments

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So the last post, was one of the longest I have left up for a while, but judging by how much everyone got involved, thought it deserved a little longer.  Thank you everyone for liking that post on facebook and commenting.

So this weekend, the contest train rolled on, and whilst some of the team headed to Budapest for the Monster event and Pendulum and Chase and Status, and yes I am jealous, the rest of us headed to Dachstein for the Pleasure Jam.

It was absoloutely amazing weather up the hill for the whole weekend, amazing to be able to hold a slopestyle, without wind, without cloud and just good conditions.  Henry and me drove over there to host the event, and enjoyed the sun up on Dachstein.  Its a glacier where due to some protected birds no music is possible, so with the two of us hosting, it makes the day go by a little easier with the banterbox ship running things.

Not 100% sure but I think Henry has got some pro model glove going on with Transform Gloves.  Spock ears making a welcome addition to the mustache glove here.

This is how the early morning ride to work looks.  Thats probably the only negative, being stuffed in a cable car with loads of people. Brage Richenberg is in there, looking blue steel.  He rode super good this weekend, keep an eye on that guy!

The weekend started with a qualification, and I know normally people say “you cant win qualification” but at Pleasure Jam you can it seems and its pretty good as it means that the guys who do well can actually win some money aswell earning the right to get through to the next round.

In the finals they had a style run which was amazing to see some of the riders, especially Jamie and Nicolas Mattson throwing some amazing tweak into the contest.  Jamie with a huge backside 5, straight out of Halifax.  Its funny but since my last blog post was about Style, maybe people were heeding what I was saying.

Ethan seemed content with cruising most of the weekend, and getting ready for Toyko with his rail tricks.  Had time to throw some backflips in and a pretty inventive run did cab 7, switch backside 7, switch back rodeo.  Not enough for finals but amazing to see different tricks in a contest.

Probably the highlight of the weekend, was watching the girls event.  The standard was amazing, and with Urska Pribovic doing switch b5s on the big jumps, Sarka doing underflips and cab 5s, and Cheryl doing backside 7s, the standard was insane.  Cilka was riding super strong too, and seems to have learnt some insane style over the last few months.  Probably the watchful eye of Grillo doing the business there.  Cheryl won a 3 week trip to Bali for her backside 7, so as you can imagine she was stoked.  Hope she can take the whole family for some surf action, even though she lives at the beach anyways.

The Girls event however belonged to Aimee Fuller, who was charging all weekend.  Her run of cab 5 underflip, backside 3 and huuuuuge backside rodeo was enough to put her into first place, and garner some heavy attention for her riding, as she was going super big and consistent all week.  This is allegedly the only legit shot of her Backside rodeo.  No worries Aimee, thats the good life taking care of business for you.

She won the money, the champagne, and and ton of TTR points, so well done Aimee, and thanks to everyone from Pleasurejam for a great event.  Check out here blog here….


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