Red Bull Plane at Pleasurejam

by The Good Life on November 15, 2011 · 1 comment

in Austria

During the Pleasurejam this weekend, there was a plane flying over head during the finals, and on closer inspection it turned out to be what I thought was “the” Red Bull Plane.  No, its “one of the” Red Bull Planes.

After grabbing the footage from Mark Ruparelia the man with the camera, I sent the picture to the all knowing of planes, Mr Good Life Senior and this was the reply.  He literally knows everything about planes.

This is a Douglas DC6B which first flew 0n 24 October 1958. It had a maximum range of 4,8oo miles with a service ceiling of 22,000 feet (not really above the weather) 704 of them were built.
It was with JAT of Yugoslavia until 1961 when it was transferred to the Ygoslav Air Force and used as the personal transport of the President – Tito was his name. It was donated to the Zambiam Air Force in 1975 and onto Namibia Commercial Aviation in January 1994 and leased to Air Namibia in July 1996. It was bought by Red Bulls in June 2000 and is maintained in perfect condition at Salzburg Airport. Red Bull has two hangers at Salzburg Airport opposite the terminal and they have a collection of immaculately maintained aircraft in flying condition.
This type of aircraft flew the Atlantic for BOAC, American, and most of the major airlines of the time but with a cruising speed of 275-300mph it took a long time to get from London to New York. I used to see them over Llandybie, Wales all the time.
This aircraft has seats for 35 people and it must be fun to fly in it – after all it is 53 years old. It is registered N996DM – a US registration but operated by Flying Bulls of Austria.
It is a lovely machine.
So now you know.

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