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by The Good Life on November 26, 2011

in Football, Swansea City FC, The Good Stuff

Now with the football season back in full swing, Match of the Day has once again become the must watch TV of the week.  A few weeks back they made this video about Tevez potentially leaving, after he threw his toys out the pram against Bayern Munich including the song, The Good Life, so thought it worth putting up here.

I’m not really sure why this blog is called The Good Life.  I suppose if it was called something a bit cooler it might be more popular with the cool kids out there, something like “” or something but yeah anyways, if any of us are reading this then we have access to a computer we are amoungst the lucky people in the world so we should count ourselves thankful that we are all part of the good life.

Footballs back, Love It.  Watch out for Danny Grahams goal for the Swans….

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