by The Good Life on November 19, 2011

in Japan, Snowboarding

So Tokyo is going down this week.  Just a few quick pictures from one of the most colurful, interesting, nicest places I ever saw.  The contest is going down today, so that will be a banger.

This is the shopping district.  Amazing place.  All kinds of flagships stores, fashion, and interesting looking people.

There has been sushi going down a lot.  So far we found two spots, but this was easily the best.  Little Sushi chefs screaming, running around the throwing sushi out all day.    This is a little video movie I made of the legends at work…..

Love it.  Ethan getting some HDR sushi.

My favourite English bloke in the world.  Stevie Bell, always good to see this legend.  He is from round Hackney I think, and is a true cockney geezer.  

Also along for the trip, is Karl Pilkington.  Thats right the guy from An Idiot Abroad.  Jamie Nicholls is without doubt one of the best riders coming up at the moment, and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  A proper English Gent and we all love him for it.  But he really is like Karl Pilkington.  You can take the boy out of Bradford, but you cant take the Bradford out the boy.
Lets just say he isnt 100% sure of the sushi thats on offer here.
He is running things at the rail jam.  Watch it on as the other half of banterbox, Henry Jackson is running the show with T Bird from Snowboardermag.

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