Boxing Day Football

So yesterday, we made the annual Christmas trip to the football for a boxing day clash, well it would have been Boxing Day, but due to it being on Sky it was put back a day.  It feels like all the games i watch of the Swans in recent years have been against Reading orRead more

Jackson’s Hole

For the last few years I have had the pleasure of hosting events, webcasts, rail events, big airs, drinking festivals alongside the man the myth the legend, Mr Henry Jackson, All round funny guy, and generally good bloke.  Also in possesion of a beastly method. Definitely will be one of the “Gentleman of the Goodlife”Read more

Powder Day

So being nearly Christmas for most people winter is just starting, but for me, it is pretty much been going down since mid september or so, with contests, pre season, shoots etc, and whilst its been super fun going round the world a few times already seemingly, we havent actually seen much snow yet, mostlyRead more

Gjermund Braaten winning Dew Tour

Congrats Buddy.  You killed it today!  Amazing riding from all the guys on hill today. The Navy giving him the cheddar. If you wanna see the run, here we go.  Chase and Status and some heavy kicker business going down. [vimeo][/vimeo] Congrats Gjermund! Your the man! TweetRead more

Shaun White Backside Air

I used to by happy when I was riding pipe if I could get out the pipe or maybe even head height. I guess Shaun White doesnt have that problem. TweetRead more


I had to take a day in Portland this week en route from Munich to Breckenridge, so once again took a few pictures along the way. This is Stumptown Coffee “where everyone goes” as far as I know.  Decent coffee and some lemon drissle cake. Its christmas here, and people celebrate it in a bigRead more

Iceland Dernier Fois

So I just have a couple more pictures from the trip to iceland now.  Honestly cant say I have been to many more easy to live, friendly places than Iceland.  Everyone has a funny english accent too, kinda like scouser or geordie but with a twang. Cyril getting all arsty. Taking a picture of JamieRead more

Air and Style China

So you probably saw Air and Style last week with Henry and Jamie running the mic, it was an amazing contest, and some great riding from everyone.  So I made a little timelapse to show you that snowboarders backstage are the same as everyone else, getting excited, super hyped on watching the event, and probablyRead more


Seriously Iceland must be one of the nicest countries in the world.  The people are amazingly friendly, they have beautiful people, they take credit card everywhere, have amazing hot dogs, and it is so beautiful.  This is just near where we stayed on this trip in Rekyjavik.  As we were shooting something, there was perfectRead more

Iceland. The Land as Cold as Ice.

We all spend a lot of our winter in cold places, and so you would think that we are used to it.  But for some reason it doesnt get any easier.  Especially if your just filming and standing round.  So yesterday, with wind howling and the temperature at already minus 10, we sent for reinforcementsRead more

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