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by The Good Life on December 28, 2011

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So yesterday, we made the annual Christmas trip to the football for a boxing day clash, well it would have been Boxing Day, but due to it being on Sky it was put back a day.  It feels like all the games i watch of the Swans in recent years have been against Reading or QPR, as they are always the christmas games, and to be honest if I never see either team again I will be happy.  I remember back a few years watching the Swans away at QPR just before Kenny Jackett got sacked, and us playing terribly, but the one bright point of that was Roberto Martinez, not playing, which meant he left, and then came back to us as the saviour, which infact brought about the footballing revoloution which now finds us in the Premier League.

This was actually my first ever time watching the Swans in the top flight of English Football.  Apparently I went to a couple of games in a push chair at 2 years old, when they were in the old first division in 1981, but, well since i was old enough to go, they started their slip back down to the Fourth Division, and so the majority of my life as a Swansea fan has been spent watching us at Leyton Orient, Brentford, Fulham once before they turned good (a 7-0 away loss in the pouring rain) and other such glorious places.  We have had some amazing nights though, away to Wycombe to make the LDV vans Trophy in 94, and Wembley in 94, and again this year to get promoted to the Premier League.  I have been to the new Liberty a good few times but this was the first time in the Premier league so to see us with a full house, in front of the sky cameras was quite something.  Thats one of the only drawbacks with living abroad and travelling the whole time, not being able to get to many games.  Anyways, Senoir Weaver is there most games, so I am always updated scores, who is playing a blinder and who needs to be shipped off Newport County on loan.

So to the game, well, actually, lets start with the drive.  Being Jacks in Exile, living the wrong side of london for the swans, a 3.5hr-4hr drive down is the norm, but yesterday, due to grandparents driving presents around the M25, families trying to drive and fight at the same time, and people who dont know how to use the outside lane of the motorway, our nice little 4 hour drive, took us close to 6.

So a mad dash around the ground for parking and tickets meant we got in just before kick off.  I know a lot of people reading this blog find football chat a bit boring so i will stick to this:-

First Half Swansea started slow, but controlled the first half. Danny Graham and Kemy Augustien were outstanding, and we were in control.

Second Half, we should have had a penalty, we didnt get it.  Too many players werent in it today, Scott Sinclair, Joe Allen amoungst a few, but just we arent creating enough chances to shoot.  The number of times we were on the counter attack and we failed to get a shot on their keeper is beyond me.  I remember a few times, people in front of me, hands in the air, standing up, screaming “SHOOT MUN!!!!” only for Leon or Joe to pass sideways or backwards.  Anyways, they scored, then fouled, niggled, cheated, and harrased the ref until full time.


I am sure that QPR are a boogy team for me, and the Swans.  I watched us loose 4-0 last Boxing Day to them.

Anyway, football, is so much more than watching your team win.  its about getting to the game, listening to the pre match banter on the radio, hopefully grabbing some food or drink before kick off (which we had no time for), saying hello to some other fans, its about singing, shouting, screaming, clapping, standing, sitting, jumping up and down, and getting behind the team.  Where I sat at the beginning, there were students talking about anything but football, girls texting their friends, kids playing ipod games, kids going for food, people leaving at half an hour gone to go que for half time food.  My question is to them, why on earth bother coming, if your going to just sit there and huff and puff when the Swans dont win.  At least get behind the team, sing, shout, cheer, clap anything, but sitting there like your watching paint dry doesnt help anyone.

I suppose always going to away games when i was growing up, I was somewhat spoiled as away fans are always better than home fans, and the atmosphere is always better.  Anyways Rant over.

Below is the moment we conceeded a goal, with Nathan Dyer about to come on. Oh and the ref.  He is worth a mention.  You know how the song goes right…..

“the referees a wa#%er, the referees a wa#%er, the referees a wa#%er”

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