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by The Good Life on December 8, 2011

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Just thought I would add three pictures which describe my day.

I like Copenhagen Airport.  Always a nice one.  Scandanavia seems such a nice place.  Beautiful landscape, beautiful people, and managed to sidestep many of the worlds issues which mess up countries like the UK and US.

Me and the bags have been quite some distance in the last weeks.  I think near 100,000 miles this year so far.  Life must be crappy as a bag.  You get over filled, crammed in holds, and dropped continuously by luggage staff.
This is how things were looking at 6.30am this morning.  Hazy, with some coffee trying to straighten things out, with a bit of snow on the hills.  I suppose getting to bed at 2.45am after painting an appartment, and getting up at 6am, for a flight isnt a good combo.

Got into Iceland this evening.  Another good looking place.  The bloke at the Hertz desk made my day.  Our conversation was as so.

Hertz man : “‘So your from England, you like Football?”

Me : “Of course, well from Wales, but of course, Swansea City is my team, the new one in the premier league”

Hertz Man : “Oh you mean Swanselona as we call them in Iceland”

Me : “thats amazing you know that name”

Hertz Man : “Of course their midfield is amazing, a couple of their players have pass completion rates above 95%, we were so happy to see against Liverpool with a minute left they were passing the ball from defence and not kicking it long, they are a big favorite of us in Iceland now”

I tell you.  Swansea in Iceland.  Things have come along way from watching infront of 2000 fans in the 90s.

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