Iceland Dernier Fois

by The Good Life on December 14, 2011

in iceland

So I just have a couple more pictures from the trip to iceland now.  Honestly cant say I have been to many more easy to live, friendly places than Iceland.  Everyone has a funny english accent too, kinda like scouser or geordie but with a twang.

Cyril getting all arsty. Taking a picture of Jamie putting his boots on with an old camera doing the work.

This is down in Keflavik, I had to put my arm in that water one night.  Chilly.  But there was a nice woman who gave us coffee and cake so that made up for it

Dont be gentle, its a rental! We had some back to the future business going on in our van.  When I hit 40kms, the riders would travel forward in time, well not time, but they would definitely be slingshoted towards a rail fast enough to do some damage.

Last shot of the trip goes to the ocean.  Beautiful.  Alright, 3 or days of travel coming up now…

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