Iceland. The Land as Cold as Ice.

by The Good Life on December 11, 2011

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We all spend a lot of our winter in cold places, and so you would think that we are used to it.  But for some reason it doesnt get any easier.  Especially if your just filming and standing round.  So yesterday, with wind howling and the temperature at already minus 10, we sent for reinforcements and just sat out the windows filming.  Definitely the way forward.  Taking the Kettle today too.  Brews at the spot.

The place we were filming, seems to be one of the first real places i have seen where the economic crisis struck home, as it seems that as soon as iceland went bankrupt, they literally dropped tools and shipped out of there.

Saw this church aswell on the way.  Thats right on the ocean.  Beautiful little spot
Been keeping the icelandic plane spotters happy with this shot.

Alright then, thats it for today.  We got home at 6am, so time to rest a minute.

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