by The Good Life on December 12, 2011

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Seriously Iceland must be one of the nicest countries in the world.  The people are amazingly friendly, they have beautiful people, they take credit card everywhere, have amazing hot dogs, and it is so beautiful.  This is just near where we stayed on this trip in Rekyjavik.  As we were shooting something, there was perfect 2-3 foot sets rolling in.  Cyril was getting a bit guile about the whole situation.

This is down by the harbour there.  I think its a museum, but I’m sure Halldor will know better than me.

Get this.  Right on the sea, they have these geezers, with their feet in geysers.  Boom Boom. Witty I know. Me and Doom getting a minutes downtime.  Super warm natural spring right on the water.

So I hear there still isnt much snow in Europe.  Its dumping here.  Nicholls with some blue steel for t’ladies.

With KB getting injured and a new bannana arm which isnt so bad now apparently, if your one of the 4000 viewers he gets a day you would know, but for this trip we needed a 3rd rider, so drafted in this piece of Colonel Sanders Chicken.  Answers below as to who you think the rider is.  Piece of Chicken for the winner.


These are the other blokes here.  New York Construction site workers right? Nope, just two of the best looking people not to be in front of a camera.  Both are beasts behind it, and their motivational speaking could rival Obama. Except people dont like him anymore, so whoever the next overhyped US president is.Thank you to these two blokes for everything.
And if you think being a “photographer” like Cyril is easy.  This is the kit he uses.  I guess my G12 and me have a way to go.

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