Jackson’s Hole

by The Good Life on December 23, 2011

in Austria, Banter, Snowboarding

For the last few years I have had the pleasure of hosting events, webcasts, rail events, big airs, drinking festivals alongside the man the myth the legend, Mr Henry Jackson, All round funny guy, and generally good bloke.  Also in possesion of a beastly method. Definitely will be one of the “Gentleman of the Goodlife” which is a collection of pieces about people who make this world run smoother.

So now as well as running the world in terms of commentary and entertainment, the good folk at Red Bull have given him his own show!  Amazing stuff.  Jump on here to watch the pilot, and keep up to date with the shows through the year, all of which will be posted on here.  If there was one person who didnt need wings, its Henry, and guess what, they gave him a pair, and budget to use them.  Next stop the moon.


Well done Henry, Doom, Tom, and well Ethan for maybe being famous in germany

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