Powder Day

by The Good Life on December 21, 2011

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So being nearly Christmas for most people winter is just starting, but for me, it is pretty much been going down since mid september or so, with contests, pre season, shoots etc, and whilst its been super fun going round the world a few times already seemingly, we havent actually seen much snow yet, mostly man made incity stuff.  So on getting home last night, and seeing the snow on the balcony, it was an amazing welcome home seeing it dumping, and so this morning it was on with the cast of Tales from The T Bar.  In a deserted resort in Zillertal.  Amazing the fact there is no one riding in the valley at the moment.

So this is the little video I put together from the day.  Stoked….

Sorry it doesnt have any of Tom and Plumalog but I think they are stacking footage now for a two year Tales from the T Bar project, something a bit like The Art of Flight.  I took some punter pictures anyways so you can see what went down..

Sir Plumalog

Plumley and his go pro.  We must have sold a few of these today for them, as so many people were asking if its a camera.

This is Tom West midflight.  He assures me there was a Nicolas Muller method in there somwhere, but i took the picture too late allegedly.

This Doggie was hanging around, as a rescue hound, waiting for the call to action.  He spent his time by not listening to his boss who was shouting “sitzen, sitzen” and he paid zero attention to the Austrian chappy.

This is my powder business for the year. Thanks Gadge for the whip

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