X Games Megapost

Gjermund Braaten, Front 10 Double. So Saturday Night at X Games just went down, and that meant slopestyle finals.  Gjermund, Peetu and Sage all made it through and all 3 had amazing runs.  Some how the judges didnt see Gjermunds run of switch back 10, cab 9 double, back 10, front 10 double as anythingRead more

Vote For Halldor

So what with the Finals of X Games Real Street going down right now, between Halldor and Louif Paradis, I thought what better to do, then go and do some serious undercover journalism and find out from Halldor, and his filmer (man of the goodlife) a little bit more about his video part…… So hereRead more

The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.2 – Lord Johannes Brenning

The second in the series of the Goodlife Gentlemens Club, focuses upon one of Snowboardings leading lights, who is making it happen, behind the camera.  Some would call him visionary, some would call him sicknote, either way, he is a great bloke, and definitely welcome alongside Henry as honorary goodlife members.  His name is Johannes Brenning, the man behindRead more

Spencer O’Brien

So through the winter, me and this bloke, David Doom Have been filming, hanging out with, and riding powder with Canadas PG tips addicted, Dew Tour winner Spencer O’Brien So to say well done, Doom made this little edit to celebrate her season so far [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/35224253[/vimeo] TweetRead more

Ze news from ze frenchies in ze backcountry non?

So over here its been some more busy days going down.  Austria was invaded by ze frenchspeakingpeople and now they are trying to get amoungst it in the powder.  Above a german tourist gets some.  Well its the half german american hybrid Ethan, but you get the picture. These two are digging like road workersRead more

Swansea City 3 – Arsenal 2

Yesterday the Swans managed to out play, out gun, out pass the best passing team in the league.  You might have seen the game, but if not, take a look at this written in the independent which gives you an idea how far our club has come. “Nine years ago to the day, Swansea were bottom ofRead more


This last few days, the man behind Jacksons Hole, the blokes behind Tales from the T Bar, The legends of Austria Beckna and Eli, and a dutchie.  Always a dutchie here in Austrias secret spots.  Thats the jackson project above. There she is Charlotte Van Gils, 3 days into powder.  Thats what happens if yourRead more

Jamie Nicholls in the woods in Davos

Evening one and all…. so we finally got out of Davos after an epic couple of final days there.  I am going back as soon as there is snow again, its so good.  Such a nice place, good terrain and few people. At the contest Jamie did super good in the event and nearly gotRead more

Davos. Its still coming down.

Yep so here in swizerland its still throwing snow down like I havent seen in probably a decade or so. So the contest went down yesterday, Spencer won the Oneil Evoloution.  Banging front 7 saw her take the money…. and so she decided to stay a couple more days to shoot some Pow…. and so….Read more

Davos Contest Report

Yep. Its dumping here.  This is how its looking… watch this video… [vimeo width=”656″ height=”499″]http://vimeo.com/34656525[/vimeo] Spencer, Jamie, Ethan and Sage all up in here today was the partner in crime today.  So much snow here in Davos now, its amazing. Jamie on the way over in the morning. That was the overnight snowfall. Thats itRead more

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