Aston Villa 0 – 2 Swansea City

by The Good Life on January 5, 2012

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Took me a while to get this one done, but its worth it.  Living away from Wales, I have actually been to more away games than home games through the years around the London area, but this Christmas with the nearest game being Villa we set about it, and luckily got 4 tickets for the game at Villa Park.  We were talking about going with Tim Warwood, but I imagine he couldnt stand the thought of watching more of Alex Macleish’s football.

So here are some pictures from the day, but before we start, watch this video which shows you the atmosphere in our end.  Amazing.

I always love away games, maybe more than home, just because of amazing atmospheres through the years, away to Wycombe is probably one of the best when we got to wembley in the 90s, in the Autoglass Trophy, so I have always loved the fact that every single fan in the away end, wants to be there and has gone out of there way to get there.  Home games can pale in comparison at times as people can be so subdued and not support the team fully if things are going well.

And so onto the pictures of the day….

The Holte Pub.  Behind the Holte End. Make sense?

We saw William Macgregor, one of the founding fathers of the football league.  Thank you squire for your effort on behalf of football fans around the world.

This is what Tim Warwood does on Saturdays when he isnt hosting events/tv/radio and being generally famous.  I think thats the Villain. Scary stuff. Cyril the swan must be quaking in his boots.

Father Weaver Jack putting the boys through their paces in the warm up making sure they are ready to maul the Villa.

Dear Steven Warnock.  You had the run around son.  You had what they call a nightmare.  Still dreaming of Nathan Dyer here….

Nathan Dyer celebrating with Orlandi and Augustien after the first goal….

Batman was there, I guess his new years resoloutions fell off the wagon a day in.

Jacks in training.

Old Jacks shouting.

At the final whistle the whole team came over to show their apprecitation to the travelling Jack Army who didnt stop singing beginning to end…

 Seriously if your one of those people that says “I dont like football” then go to watch an away game with true fans.  Then you will see what its all about.

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