by The Good Life on January 12, 2012

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This last few days, the man behind Jacksons Hole, the blokes behind Tales from the T Bar, The legends of Austria Beckna and Eli, and a dutchie.  Always a dutchie here in Austrias secret spots.  Thats the jackson project above.

There she is Charlotte Van Gils, 3 days into powder.  Thats what happens if your TM is Beckna.  No easy park cruising for you lady.

Watching from the top giving his expert eye….

Yesterday we had some serious mini lines going on.  Ollie Plumley laying one out…

Dropping some in the middle of a run too.  Who knew he was plumAKog if that makes sense. Plumley. Analog. AK. 3 into 1. No it doesnt work. Sorry.

Tom West was cruising round and dropping cliffs like bombs

So much so he is on the couch now with a bad leg.  I will make a zoomed in shot later this week with his cliff to flat 90.

You might have seen this on facebook. There is beautiful Go pro footage of this.  Henry as he drops in “oh i am a bit nervous here, its been a while, here we go, Dropping in 3, Dropping, Oh Fuuuuuuck” as he catches his edge and does a pretty heavy line of pillows to cliff upside down head first.

Henry dropping in, and you know where he is headed at Mach 10.  You know he didnt go headfirst down here…

I seem to have the feeling that Beckna keeps appearing on my blog with Methods.  Oh well, he does the best in the game, so why not?

Banger hey…

Plumley getting some

And this is Eli, the photograpgher getting his on the way down the hill…

Beckna again. Stoked.

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