Jamie Nicholls in the woods in Davos

by The Good Life on January 11, 2012

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Evening one and all…. so we finally got out of Davos after an epic couple of final days there.  I am going back as soon as there is snow again, its so good.  Such a nice place, good terrain and few people.

At the contest Jamie did super good in the event and nearly got a banger of a cab 12 down, and a back 270 which as you can see here, was as perfect as can be…

So I was one of the millions with a go pro stuck to my hand or pole or head or board or something, and so I managed to film Jamie and Sage a bit.  Well I filmed loads of people, but these shots seemed the best of the powder.But obviously this post and video is about Powder…. so lets have a look at this bloke Nicholls having it in the trees.  If your not jealous of him yet, watch this, and you will be.

Looks fun huh?

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