The Goodlife Gentlemens Club – No. 1

by The Good Life on January 2, 2012

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With this blog I always try and show some snowboarding, and also the people that make it happen, and it made me realise that behind the scenes of the Snowboarding World, there are amazing people who maybe we dont hear enough about.  So as a way of tipping my cap to these people, every week or two I will be doing interviews with supremely talented people who arent nesscesarily doing whirly birds in contests, but these people are what makes snowboarding what it is.

So who better to speak to first, and welcome into the Goodlife gentlemens club, than Henry Jackson, the man behind Jacksons Hole, and someone I have had the pleasure to work alongside hosting events over the last few years.  If you havent met Henry, then he is a genuiely nice bloke, who is motivated in whatever he is doing, whether its snowboarding, surfing, hosting events or going feral in the outback with his mrs.  He has hosted Air and Style, Stuttgart Big Air, Volcom PBRJ, Oneil Evoloution and webcasts for US, Euro and NZ Open, and many many more and of course now has his own TV Show!

I first met Henry 10 years ago in the gasthof, drinking 5 litres of red wine from a bottle that big, with these huge fishpaw mitts, and was pretty over excited throughout.  He was one of the riders in Hungerpain, and we have had some amazing powder days together, some great nights out and screamed to hundreds of people getting them wild at events.

So here goes, this will be a regular feature, and if you have any suggestions for people to interview, let me know… I already have the first 4 dialled in though, one of which might need its own book to do it justice.

So Henry, it seems you have been given wings and got your own TV show!  How did it come about?

No clue. they dont know what they ve got themselves into! haha……Seriously they approached me over the summer saying they wanted to do “something” with me, alarm bells started ringing until we had some meetings early in the autumn and come up with “jacksons hole”

Who is traipsing the world filming you and following you down into the hole?

We ve got an ex international rugby playing hairy gentleman called Tom Howell producing and keeping us from getting lazy and then there is the one and only David “Doom dont zoom”  cameraman keeping things hobo and politically uncorrect. Then its just me and anyone I can persuade to help out. Cheers rupo and kingsnorth!

Did you come up with the idea or was it something Red Bull put to you?

It was a bit of both really, they came to me a said they wanted to do something reality/comedy based in snowboarding and doom tom and i hashed out a general idea for where we want the show to go. There s some interesting ideas floating around in there.  I’m just gonna say vaccuum cleaner and nudity.

I’m sure many people out there think they could do your job of hosting many of the biggest events in the world, and they should just apply somewhere to do it right?  Can you tell the world a little bit about how you have built your career up in this game from the grassroots up as we have hosted so many smaller events together for a good few years now, all the way to way bigger ones?

Yeah, it isnt really something you can just turn up and expect to do. It took us (Banterbox) years of making contacts and putting in the hours doing small,(and awesome!) comps all over europe. Its all well and good wanting to do all these events but even if you are the best host/mc in the world they arent going to hire you unless they know you. I remember driving 6 hrs to do a contest to earn 100 euros which didnt even cover my petrol.


Whats been the most random thing you have hosted? I know I once did a webcast for the arctic challenge from a restaurant in munich as my flight was delayed.  Anything like that?

I just did the voice over for a motorcross video game, that was weird. standing in a room shouting out phrases like “rev your engines guys!” And we nearly go that gig hosting the x box fifa world cup didnt we haha.

Oh yeah I hosted a wedding too last year, that was fun, what was the best event you ever hosted?

Snowbombing Ride and Seek games, our own event as part of snowbombing. British/Aussie punters in fancy dress hammered doing whatever we tell them. 40 paris of boobies seen last year i believe.  Awesome

Many people would accept you have one of the best methods in snowboarding.  Your method, or a triple cork.  What wins?

Lets put it to the public…. 

What contests are you loving at the moment in terms of format, potential for progression, and just when you host it you think, “yeah this will be a good day”

The quiksilver spring battle in flachauwinkl was rad, video judging at the after party was sick. The oxbourn session in sweden, i ve never been there but seems to be the sickest format ever. The wangl tangl is always sick in terms of format and im loving the tech/style mix at the stuttgart big air. 

You do surf events too right?  I think Banterbox need to move into that zone too…..

It’d be sick, ive been asked to be involved with a few just havent had the time.  Plus they wouldnt know what hit them when you paddled out and showed them your welsh surf prowess.

Are you more or less hyper since we first met over 10 years ago when you wore those big fishpaw mittens and drunk wine by the 5 litre bottle?

Still have the mitts, or one of them. Still hyper, almost as much of you when you have your mid comp mcing jagers haha

Whats your plan for events this year?

Well the season started in nz at the burton open, so ill be doing all of those(except canada as it clashes with air and style) i’ll be at the air and styles, roxy snow pro , world rookie fest, wangl tangl and a whole heap of others, hopefully ending up the season at snowbombing again! 

How can people follow you?

add me on twitter @jacksonshole or facebook, henry jackson, otherwise keep your eyes on for jacksons hole episodes

Thank you sir, you are one of the first gents to be welcomed into the gentlemens club that is the good life.  Once we get doors, a roof, and an actual club, you will have a free tab for life.  Gentlemens Jack is the drink of choice this week.

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