The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.2 – Lord Johannes Brenning

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The second in the series of the Goodlife Gentlemens Club, focuses upon one of Snowboardings leading lights, who is making it happen, behind the camera.  Some would call him visionary, some would call him sicknote, either way, he is a great bloke, and definitely welcome alongside Henry as honorary goodlife members.  His name is Johannes Brenning, the man behind  Read on to hear more about his plans, X Games real street, and the rest of his thoughts on the world.

Lord Johannes Brenning, Fast

So Johannes.  Rumour has it you invented the internet in Sweden, is that right?

Yes I did. Me and my Dad did that shit. I like doing stuff online. 

Did you also create Halldor and Eiki in a lab somewhere, or are they actually real kids from iceland?

Im sorry to say but they are real people. They do what they like and I cant control them. They tell me that at lest half of my ideas suck.   We do like the same stuff so it works out great. I get lots of props for what I do but its really a super easy job. Its hard to point the camera at them without getting something funny or good.

How did you get involved in filming with the brothers in the beginning?

I knew both of them form snowboarding in Sweden they were both hanging here. I went on a DC trip in sweden with Halldor and so on.  Back then Halldor did not drink. He had a bet with Gulli about not drinking that you have to ask him about. But when he started drinking he invited me to his house in Malung. We had a great time here is what we filmed. This is the  first thing for way back then.

I knew that I wanted to film snowboarding but I knew that I wanted to do more then just film a video part. I guess the hole industry got the same idea now but when I started it felt like only Big Bear had got it right with Sunday in the park and now every resort has there own sunday in the park.. Anyway I explained to people how I wanted to do things and got offered other jobs doing the same thing for other people but I was sure that doing it with Halldor and Eiki was the best thing for me. I got lots of help from Kristoffer Hansson so I got to thank him to.  Thats how it started for me and I hope it will go on for a long time because lately I have been having a better year every year.

 So I heard your a Team Manager for 7-9-13, Fast and Dangerous Wax and your on a huge consultant fee for being the Lobster TM.  What should any kids do to get a deal with your companies?

Its snowboard wax that important. Skiis will break if you try it on them… To get involved with me,  you have to do set up huge spry-painted message all around you city. Go nuts with spray-cans and really show that you like the comany you would like to work with. Then you have to film a banger part. Then talk to me.

 How would win in a shred down between you, Sani from Burton, Gary Greenshields or Me?

I sent 3 years in snowboard school. For the amount of time I have sent on a snowboard and how bad I am at it is amazing. Its weird that I like it so much. I think I would end last and you win? I dont know.  (I have a feeling Sani would win by a long way-jon)

Onhill Steez.  No Biggie.

What snowboard videos did you enjoy back in the day?

All the Think Thank ones. They did it for me. But then there is always Tech diff. Simple Pleasures and all the old good ones.

Do you think regular snowboard movies to DVD are dead?

No but I think its bad biz. A new video will be downloaded anyways. I like having a DVD in had or even a file on my laptop but there is no way around it. For free or like 2 USD is the way to go. Super rich kids might buy 5 DVDs for 20 USD but then thats 100 USD for something that can be stolen with a click. Its the same thing now as it was when it was VHS you always found a way around it. There was copys back the to.

We had cassetes, vhs, then mini disc, then dvd, cd, then mp3 and now the internet is runnning the world.  What happens after internet?

I will tell you in person. I cant let the people know what I am working on yet.

Whats the best thing about being a filmer?

I have never seen myself as a filmer. I like to try and figure out how a camera works and get new stuff but other then that I think that im more a friend of some good riders. I mean if it didn’t mean that I could travel and snowboard and hang out with the people I hang with I probably wouldn’t film for a living. 

Legends in Sport. Ronaldo, Fedderer, Rooney, Brenning. Legends.

Whats the worst thing?

It dose suck some times when its cold. But Its sick. When spring is coming I cant complain…

What has been the most succesfull video on ever?

The road to Stranda is the best one but it has a hard time getting played. This one has lots of hits without having that much good snowboarding in it thats cool.

How has Sexual Snowboarding been received by the world? 200k views in just a few days pretty much, sounds amazing…..

Yeah that is super sick for us. It already feels like sponsors want us to do a new one. First time it felt like we had to push to do it and now we are all set. We are all super happy how many people seen it. We now have a platform to stand on and we can make films that is good for our sponsors and us. Thats what we wanted from when we started.

We just saw the x games real street…. if Halldor wins, is he going to give you all the money?

Im pretty sure he is gonna give me half. Thats insane if he dose that. I don’t think that other riders split it that generously. Im not gonna say no, but if that happens im gonna ask him if he is sure that he wants to do that.  I mean he was the one who dubbed it up from a balcony not me…

To watch the video of Halldor, which Johannes made….  click here

Are you happy with what went down?  You had two or three angles including a Heli flying around Iceland….. Sounded pretty epic…

Yeah we had lots of help from Halldors friends filming we always set up 3 cameras on the ground. Then we had the heli there for 5 days. That was super sick. Im not a big fan of fancy filming like dollies and stuff but I think heli angles are always fun to watch. It gives a follow cam feeling some times. The guy Henning who was flying the heli was super cool to. He crashed 2 times and had 3 helis with him. He is taking risks when he is filming and I think that is good if you want wild looking stuff. Then we had Petter Fossgaug filming to so we had a good crew. We had kids just passing by pulling bungees and filming so it was sick that it worked out.

 What will you be doing in 10 years?

 Halldor will be 31 Eiki will be 35 I will be old as hell… I don’t know… Hopefully our companies are doing good so I can do something with that. Maybe what we do now..

This is the Road to Stranda, Johannes finest piece

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