Ze news from ze frenchies in ze backcountry non?

by The Good Life on January 17, 2012

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So over here its been some more busy days going down.  Austria was invaded by ze frenchspeakingpeople and now they are trying to get amoungst it in the powder.  Above a german tourist gets some.  Well its the half german american hybrid Ethan, but you get the picture.

These two are digging like road workers up here getting some stuff ready for tommorow.  One is a master.  You guess.  I tell you, the french work ethic with the whatwewant crew has been impressive.  Up first (well gerome is a bit slow, but relatively good) and then digging all day, doing some pictures, and loves all the french english banter.

Must be said I expected the french work ethic to be more get up at 10, start work at 11, take lunch at 12, start again at 3 and finish at 5 with 23 cigarette and coffee breaks through the day, before going strike and not working tommorow but these guys are good.

Je suis le king of ze world non?  If you dont know Gerome yet, you should do, the funniest guy to ever come out of france, well apart from the bloke who got caught with the chamber maid allegedly.  And Cantona, and Zidane. but in good company anyways

Swiss man working.

In the evening we finished super late so straight for dinner, and found this guy playing at the tirolerstuben… The biggest hands in town, thats what you get from being amazing at playing the harp.  I hope its a harp.  Amazing food by the way too.

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