Burton European Open 2012

So what with the early season lack of snow, BEO this year was dropped back until now, which really is a great decision, as it basically means one of the years best events and easily best slopestyle is going to be played out in perfect sun, with the course getting it all day. Kevin BackstromRead more

World Snowboard Champs 2012

Thats what this whole thing was about right?  A World Champion for the independent tour. You may have seen the stickers on the left before, but these on the right are pretty good.  Basically riders are asking the worlds most famous riders to stand up and say that he disproves of what FIS are doing.Read more

Videos for Wednesday

So then, its been a while since I just posted videos, but this week I saw a couple which thought warranted being good enough for it. So kicking things off, its a video by the French crew whatwewantfilms which includes Tyler Chorlton and Gerome Matthieu.  They came over to Mayrhofen in January for some ofRead more

Spencer O’Brien – WSC 2012

It seem I have written about Spencer quite a few times this year, but well, to be honest, she deserves every word written about her.  She is such a good example for young riders coming up, fellow riders who want to see how to deal with pressure, and is an amazing role model for girlsRead more

World Snowboard Champs Numero 3

Yesterday we had slope semis, and most of my blokes nearly put me out of business, but luckily Spencer is holding it down for us, and she is our saving grace.  She is tough as nails.  Couldnt walk the day before semis, and then came in to run her heat.  This tells all. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/37013137[/vimeo] WhatRead more

World Snowboard Champs 2.0

So its been looooong days here, on the hil at 9 down at 9 but its good, there has been some amazing snowboarding going down, so its all worthwhile. This is probably the best shot from last night, with Jack Mitrani throwing it up there.  Alley Oop. This is how stoked you are getting theRead more

World Snowboard Champs

So here we are in Norway for one of the most anticipated events of the year, the world snowboard champs.  Above Peetu gets into the pipe qualies. So everyman and his dog pretty much has made the journey up here for this week, with pipe, slope and quarter pipe going down.  Peetu I think isRead more

Coffee with Peetu

What did I tell you ages ago, looks like we have our own filmer here now at the HQ of the Good Life.  All these advertising dollars we got rolling in means we can now afford legit filmers.  Not too bad I would say.  Here is the next video from the thousands of people andRead more

Jacksons Hole Episode 4

I posted the pilot episode a while back, and the pilot must have been good, because now, Henry and the legendary Doom are 4 episodes deep.  Here Henry shows the world what happens at ISPO, what me and the rest of the TMs get paid for, and of course, how stoked these kids are toRead more

Day in the Park in Mayrhofen

So yesterday, on the back of Air and Style we took the crew up the hill for a day in the park in Mayrhofen.  Peetu the stomp machine, KB and Jamie were up there getting it done. Heres the video.  Filmed it all on my 550d using a 10mm lense or the russian fisheye. [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/36304185[/vimeo]Read more

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