Air and Style Innsbruck 2012

by The Good Life on February 5, 2012

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Fancy Dropping in on that thing?

So to start the blog today, I wont be apologizing for a week of no updates, but for anyone who knows anything about the world of snowboarding, we are coming out of two of the busiest weeks in the calendar.  X Games, ISPO, Air and Style are all lined up back to back with only space in between for a couple of flights, a few meetings and hangovers most days.  So two weeks after leaving home for Colorado, Ich bin weider zuhauser for a minute, or a week at least.


If you ever wonder what Peetu does between runs, its simple.  Mostly iphone games.  Focused.

Yestersday was Innsbruck Air and Style, which I must say, is still one of the best events for spectators, even if it was minus 15 you have Swchani and Henry keeping you jumping, and most of the people looked half cut on the way out anyways, so for sure they had fun.

Whilst Big Airs are quite challenging for riders I feel in the way its just 1 hit wonder business, it does work for TV, and the crowd.  I had my new Team Manager assistant along for the weekend too.  Times are good when I get an assistant for my job.


This year though Air and Style tweaked the jump from previous years and got it spot on, so the riding level was spot on from the outset.  In the early stages they had the qualification event which was insane, such a high level with the usual candidates of Torgeir Bergrem and Alek Oestreng riding super good, Peter König who somehow only came 7th, and Niklas Mattson who was on fire throughout.


So those guys got into the main event, and from there it was all hell breaking loose.  From the Nike side of things, we had a tough draw with Ethan getting drawn against Peetu.  If your looking for an easy draw, Peetu isn’t the one, he is a beast, and doesn’t really ever slam, so Ethan was up against it from the outset but must be said he rose to the occasion and did a banging back 12, but unfortunately for him, Peetu was on fire, and so Peetu went through.

Ethan on the back 12

Have to say huge props to Roope and Werni aswell, who were doing 12s in the first round but didnt make it, along with Ethan, snowboarding has come a long way, where a 12 doesnt get you through the first round.  Werni did an amazing switch back 12, and front 10 double, with his über style, he is one of the best riders to watch ever, and its a cliche, but a top bloke too.

In the next round Peetu was against Eric Willet but with his ability to go bigger than anyone, he made quick work of Eric although fairplay, he was dropping switch back 12s, but even those couldn’t unseat the finnish machine.

Its pretty funny with Peetu, he doesn’t seem to need the sweet spot of landings, he is pretty happy to land in the flat way past everyone else, like its nothing.  He has such good pop, and board control aswell, if you watch his flight curve in an event, he pops more, lands deeper, grabs long, and its no wonder he gets such good points always.

Meanwhile for the webcast, they had Drew Stevenson asking the questions up top, in between runs.  Must say, he was looking pretty dapper in this jacket, which he set off with an Australian scarf.  They must have been out of Swansea scarfs at the shop.

In the finals, Peetu was charging again, and next thing he was sitting in first, I was running round like a madman to make sure he had some logos in the right place, and then Peetu was 1st place, and winning his second Air and Style after Munich last year.

Congrats to those 3 blokes, Peetu was on fire, Seppe is another beast straight out of Belgium, and Niklas, well, he is amazing, such good tricks and yeah he will be one to watch, great tricks, top guy.  I think he already is on transform gloves on the pro team getting paid top dollar so glove companys keep away.

Well done to the whole riders crew there, from the guys in qualies to Seppe and Peetu, they all rode so good, on such a icy jump, its insane to see.  Imagine them on a decent spring park jump.

Peetu was happy winning his second ring of glory, 15 grand or something, and a nixon watch worth another 10,000 rubs.  Not bad for a day at the office.

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