Burton European Open 2012

by The Good Life on February 27, 2012

in Snowboarding, The Good Stuff

So what with the early season lack of snow, BEO this year was dropped back until now, which really is a great decision, as it basically means one of the years best events and easily best slopestyle is going to be played out in perfect sun, with the course getting it all day.

Kevin Backstrom is here and loving it, well I still need to teach him some switch backside madness but then its all good.

Actually no, he is living it.  KB is one of those kids you could just laugh all day with him.  Such a legend.

This chap has been onfire this week too.  Seamus O’Connor, remember the name.

I also might sign this new kid I saw on the hill today, amazing style, good outfit, and a method, which even though its only 3 inches out, is definitely banger.

Yep its me in the air.  Serious old man shred happening here with all the TM cartel.

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