World Snowboard Champs 2.0

by The Good Life on February 17, 2012

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So its been looooong days here, on the hil at 9 down at 9 but its good, there has been some amazing snowboarding going down, so its all worthwhile.

This is probably the best shot from last night, with Jack Mitrani throwing it up there.  Alley Oop.

This is how stoked you are getting the highest score in Pipe.  Matt Ladley.

Jan Scherrer is one of those few riders doing pipe and slope.  Here he is warming up one morning in slope.  Cruising.

Ethan made it through to semis in slope, good work kleines boss.

Dropkick Murphys played this week too, and Turbonegro, both good shows except i got thrown out for my “proffesional” camera.

I will try and upload some more pictures later, but the internet in the riders tent is being abused by facebook right about now, but heres the next video from the goodlife now we have this new filmer on the payroll.  Keep up the good work intern.

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