World Snowboard Champs 2012

by The Good Life on February 24, 2012

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Thats what this whole thing was about right?  A World Champion for the independent tour.

You may have seen the stickers on the left before, but these on the right are pretty good.  Basically riders are asking the worlds most famous riders to stand up and say that he disproves of what FIS are doing.  But if they are asking him, why don’t the riders just stand up themselves, against FIS, but I for one know its definitely not that easy by the time you get the olympics, national teams coaches, brands involved no one wants to be left in the cold.

So what did we learn from the worlds first World Champs?

Well, its definitely good to have a high point to a world tour, we just need to get this world tour fixed next and we are there I guess.  The pipe level was amazing, the Quarterpipe was insane aswell, and fair play to the guys for throwing themselves up that quarter.  We saw some amazing riding in the slope, and props to Spencer and Chuck G who deserve every bit of praise they get as damn, that course wasnt easy.  I just got a press release saying  “The riders were greeted with sunshine and a perfectly manicured slopestyle course”

Well if thats perfect, I would hate to see a bad course.  The landings were pretty flat it must be said, despite the course being pretty much the same the year before, and despite rider feedback that the landings were too flat, the course was the same.  Also what with the rain on the course, which froze, it didnt make for the easiest course to show a riders ability, but well, its the same for everyone.  But It cant be the way that at a world champs, many of the worlds best have bruised heels, backs which have seized up just from landing on that course, but I suppose we live and learn for the next one.

Some local kids screaming on every rider on the T Bar.

One of the best things about Norway, is how much people love snowboarding, its amazing, like people who volunteer know all the riders, the bus drivers are happy driving us around, the kids all love the riders, and they are on TV the whole time up there.  It really is amazing, and if anyone needs an example of a country to follow in terms of TV content and coverage and national Team set up, then ask Harstad and the Norweigans, as they are killing it.

What else did we learn?  Norway is expensive, but I guess we all knew that already, and 98% of people there are beautiful, but well, we knew that too.

So what else is there to say?  Firstly thanks to all the people behind WSC, and all the volunteers, all the riders, and everyone for the good times, and well, lets leave the last word to the legend Haakonson himself, who was showing everyone how a method should actually look.  37 years old, and no biggie.

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