World Snowboard Champs

by The Good Life on February 14, 2012

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So here we are in Norway for one of the most anticipated events of the year, the world snowboard champs.  Above Peetu gets into the pipe qualies. So everyman and his dog pretty much has made the journey up here for this week, with pipe, slope and quarter pipe going down.  Peetu I think is the only guy doing all 3 but I may be wrong.

So whats been going down? Well the pipe looks pretty amazing and everyone is saying its one of the best they ever rode, so thats good.  In slope Jan Scherrer made it through, so thats good for him, and us.

Know this bloke yet?  Brage Richenberg.  You should do, he is a boss in the making.  I know Boss is over used, but i dont care.  He is wearing camo and is a kleines machine oder.

Freddie the fox is here, surfing like a badman, thinking its summertime.

There has also been a couple of bands.  First night was Turbonegro who were amazing and last night Dropkick Murphys.  They were good for the 6 minutes i was in there until I got thrown out for having a “proffesional looking camera” by some over zealous security chap, who was intent on some agro, so I left and went home for some discovery channel.

Earlier in the day, the second bane of my life, Air France proceeded to give me the right hump.  So I arrived, and my bags couldnt be found for 24 hours.  So after calling and complaining, they finally found them, and offered me 100 euros compensation, which I told them where to stick it.  Then Louie Vito arrived and so i being the good TM, took a cab to the airport because according to Air France “yes mr Vitos bags are definitely on the next flight” so I arrive as the plane does, and guess what?  No bags. Exactly, so another ride back to the slope, and an unhappy me.  So wake up this morning and his bags still arent here.  Seriously what kind of shitshow are Air France running over there?  36 hours no bags and he has to ride tommorow.  You French blokes better get yourselves in gear.

Will do more proper posts tommorow.  For today thats enough.  Oh the other thing.  The cab driver didnt know where the world champs where and dropped me at the ski jump instead, and tried to take me downtime for 20 minutes (if you have time?) so he could go sign some papers to an appartment.  Seriously what was his game.  and you know he made me swipe my credit card a good few times at the end for me trouble.  Ah bitte.

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