The Goodlife Gentlemens Club No.3 – Sir Jan Schröder

I know. The Gentlemens club doors have been somewhat closed recently because of the ridiculous scheduling of the winter seasons events, so my time to get these done has been lacking.  So for the next bloke, we chose another from the behind the scenes, who is making it happen for riders across the world, soRead more

Food in Portland

Whilst in Portland, we decided to check out as many local spots to eat as we could that we could find.  Luckily being a man I am blessed with a decent internal GPS and so we found a lot of good spots on the reccomodation of the mrs, and the adams family who lived here.Read more

Sunday in Portland

With a day off and some decent weather, we decided to cruise Portland on bikes. I think this is snow blossum or something.  My Mum will be able to tell me otherwise. This is the other fahrad fahrer auf dem weg. This is the City of Roses amoungst other names. Found the Burnside Skatepark underRead more


So we have been cruising this nice city the last couple of days, and found a few things worthy of a picture.  This was whilst the bridge was up.  Nice looking water down here. At the end of this rainbow is the burnside skatepark surprise surprise. This is where the local coffee is coming good.Read more

X Games Le dernier post.

So Friday night we boumced out of Tignes, leaving behind all the chalet girls, sun, and X Games course behind us.  The nike crew rolled out with a good grip of medals including Gold in the Real Snow with Nicolas Muller whos video part was insane.  It won him a good 50 grand. Closely followingRead more

Euro X Games

So then, we have been here in Tignes this week.  It doesnt stop for anything. So better kick off with some pictures. Shaun White is here with a front 5 taipan thing. Riding good. Nico is here to pick up some cheques tonight.  Wonder what place on that podium here will be.  I’m banking onRead more

US Open People Pictures Portraits

So with a little downtime between events on finals day, I thought I should head out with that 50mm lense and see who is about creeping round US Open.  Hosting the US Open has been one of my biggest honours in snowboarding, as seriously to me growing up its always been a pinnacle event, soRead more

US Open 2012 Pipe

Yesterday Pipe Finals went down here in Stratton, and it was a pretty epic day, loads of amazing riding, and some serious heavy hitters.  Shaun White above just cruising practice. He has a new trick, double alley oop backside rodeo in his run, which is looking pretty good. For this year they invited some previousRead more

US Open 2012

So as a rider coming through from the UK back in the day, the US Open was always an iconic especially the pipe.  So to be here is always great and to be here announcing is even better.  Stratton is a good little ski town, and has a mellow vibe so its a nice placeRead more

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