Atlanta and Icelandic legends

by The Good Life on March 6, 2012

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So the Snowboard World Circus moves on from an epic Laax to Stratton Mountain this week for US Open!  Should be amazing if its anything like Euro Open.  As senior goodlife enjoys a good plane picture, thought he would be happy with this from Atlanta.  Delta uses it as a hub so had a layover here. Whilst waiting for my bag, I saw this bloke, who had just come off a plane.  I really have to stop complaining about Legroom in Economy, as this lil guy must have had a rough trip, especially when they brought in a dog who I assumed had travelled in a cage nearby him who wouldnt stop barking and giving it the big un to the cat.

I spent the afternoon going into Atlanta, because with 6 hours to kill, I thought better to take the subway to the city.  Nice place, and the train conductor sounded like chris rock so that was a bonus.  “Please lets all work together, no one stand in the door, thats for folk getting on and off this thing.  and no one sit in the disabled seats, them there for the old ass people who cant walk and stuff”  Such a legend.  You know no one on that train gives him hassle.

At the mall, I found daffodils, a long way from home in Wales, but they must be part of the swansea exiles.

On the way, I managed to watch the swansea game on match of the day a few times to bask in the glory of Swanseas win at Wigan.  Jordi Gomez, Roberto Martinez, your boys took a beating.

I got this from planet swans as a new screen saver and the file is titled “getinthereyoufu#4ingbeauty” or something in welsh.  Makes sense though, what a goal from our icelandic beast.

YouTube Preview Image

From one Icelandic legend to another, I thought I have to post this.  Genius.  watch and listen.  I want to host events with this guy.

YouTube Preview Image

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