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by The Good Life on March 4, 2012

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Sending it to the moon and back.  That might be an over used expression, but very apt for this years BEO, because it was all about Space.  So here we go with a little write up on the annual shred fest that is BEO in Laax.  I was hosting again, and it has to be one of the best crowds everyone.  Above a shot from Frode Sandbech who was killing it behind the lens and also on the jumps.  I used below a few shots from Frode, so thank you sir, I owe y0u some hot Capirinhas.

Peetu “I dont mind if I dont qualify I just want to do switch methods” Pirroinen cruising the Laax pipe.

Seriously, Laax this week has been one of the best times for snowboarding in the last few years.  I know we all go every year, but every year it just hits you again that Laax is an amazing resort, and that European Open, is easily the best most enjoyable, mellow vibe with a insane riding level combo move meaning its the best event of the year in my book.

We had Jan Scherrer in the pipe who was riding really well, and managed to stomp his run including front 10 double, and he finished 6th or so.  Not bad at all for a 17 year old.

So back to the love in.  This year, the BEO theme was Space, and so all the riders took it on themselves to send it to the moon on a daily basis.  Of course this year with BEO running into March, we were blessed with perfect weather for 6 days straight, unbelievable how nice it was up there.  Also the good thing was, moving it back, meant that we all rode powder in January instead.  Great news.

Everyones favourite knuckle dragger Ethan Morgan on the new slopestyle course with a front board 450 out.  Make sure you check out his methodmag interview.  Its funny as hell, but its pretty nasty stuff.  As you see here this is the new slopestyle they made for BEO, and it was an amazing course so riders had to actually be able to use edges, ride transition and not just huck yourself round 3 times.

Peetu again got himself on the podium, with an insane run, which he stomped on his 3rd run of the day, including a cab 12 and backside 12.  Crazy how good you have to be nowadays for a podium.

Respect to the 3 guys on top Peetu, Roope and this years winner Alek Oestreng, who rode so well and its great to see him put it together in a contest.  The womens riding level was amazing aswell, although I think Enni maybe got a bit of a low score for her run, damn, her backside 5 deserves to win the whole event on its own as she pops so big and charges.  But saying that Jamie Anderson rides so smooth and so does deserve that win.  Girls like those 2 and Spencer O’Brien and Cheryl are doing a great job at dragging womens snowboarding into the future.

It must be said, that after going to big airs seemingly all season, it is so good to go to a decent slopestyle, where riders can actually express themselves, in a good format without just hucking on an icy jump to the gathered thousands.  Whilst Big Airs are needed for the mainstream in cities, but for the snowboarders in us all, a decent slopestyle course is worth its weight in gold.  Remember Wangl Tangl is coming up soon, so you know there will be some amazing stuff coming from there.

This guy was also back in the pipe and charged onto the podium.  Danny Davis

Danny is easily the guy with the style I admire the most.  Everything he does has his own twist.  If you look at the difference between him doing a cab 10 and someone grabbing tail and whizzing round, its like night and day.  Thank you Danny for killing it for snowboarders round the world.

Of course if you have the worlds best snowboarders, you need the worlds best industry and media.  3 of the best where in effect, Tom from Snowboardermag, Tom from Onboard and Henry from webcast and Jacksons Hole fame.  Of course if you have the worlds best media, you then need two things.

1. Alcohol.


2. Mini Jib features for us to throw our old hungover bodys over.

Here I try to do my best effort at a method.  I was happy.

But then Possum uploaded this shot of me, Hasi, and officially the worlds best snowboarding team manager.  As you see, Sani is a monster.  Me bottom left, Hasi on the right, and Sani at the top.  Sunglasses and a smile.

So then, make sure if you havent been to Laax yet this year, head over there, the new slopestyle set up is amazing, and then the run to the chairlift has rails all over the place, its the only place I actually seem to enjoy rails.  So yes, head over there, they have the brits coming up soon, they have the pleasure spring session too, so make sure to check it out.  If you want to see what I mean, check this edit.  Thank You Method, for showing the world there is more to snowboarding than contests.

Thank you to everyone in Laax, everyone at Burton for the best event of the year, and Chris Bachmann for holding down the mic with me, and then to all the good blokes for the industry this week.

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