Euro X Games

by The Good Life on March 15, 2012

in Nike

So then, we have been here in Tignes this week.  It doesnt stop for anything. So better kick off with some pictures.

Shaun White is here with a front 5 taipan thing. Riding good.

Nico is here to pick up some cheques tonight.  Wonder what place on that podium here will be.  I’m banking on his real snow getting that gold medal.

This guy Jan Scherrer has been impressing all week with his cruising in the pipe.

There is also a lot of ropey looking Chalet Girls.  Drunken in the day, with sunburn.  What a combo.

I have also used the time here to train for Wangl Tangl, and here we go, this is how we are looking.  Peetu, Jamie, Tor, you fellas better be scared as hell.

and Jamie the machine Nicholls made finals here, so I filmed his first rail trick which is insanity right there.

There we go.  All good here.

By the way, Its Mr Peter Weavers Birthday today too, so happy birthday Sir from the snowboard world.

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