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by The Good Life on March 27, 2012

in Portland, The Good Stuff

Whilst in Portland, we decided to check out as many local spots to eat as we could that we could find.  Luckily being a man I am blessed with a decent internal GPS and so we found a lot of good spots on the reccomodation of the mrs, and the adams family who lived here.  The first was this spot.  Por Que No’ which is an amazing Mexican spot.  Its really amazing, like you see it and if it wasnt a restaurant, you would think it was like a bit of run down place, but the way its all done up, really works so well.  Amazing.  We dropped in on the calamar, shrimp and steak versions of the tacos, with some peach and honey juice.  Yummy.

Then the next spot, which really blew my mind was called Pok Pok, with all kinds of thai, vietnamese, and these amazing chicken wings, which stole the show for me.

Serious Nick Baines from needs to get here.  Just these two spots alone are worth the journey, but then you have so many street vendours, and other places to eat.  Getting fat would be real easy here.

Then as always when i get to the states I enjoy finding a place to get the barnet cut.  This was an ex garage which someone got murdered in, and is apparently hunted.  To work here you need tattoos and some good storys.  25 bucks for a cut, and definitely nicer than the one i was at last time in Portland, and probably better than that one in Huntington.


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