by The Good Life on March 24, 2012

in Portland

So we have been cruising this nice city the last couple of days, and found a few things worthy of a picture.  This was whilst the bridge was up.  Nice looking water down here.

At the end of this rainbow is the burnside skatepark surprise surprise.

This is where the local coffee is coming good.  Love this spot.

The other well known spot in town, well from Seattle, Starbucks has opened a new spot, 1 of only 5 in the States, which serves beer and wine now.  Pretty good look with some mellow evening drinking available.  So yep, Coffee, frapucino, beer, wine, or tea, its all your call.

Yes it is.

Walked past here everyday this week, and damn it always looks good. Not sure on the food, but looks cracking.

Then this evening we also hit up Powells book store.  Open till 11pm, with a cafe inside and you can just read all the books you want.  No Austrian opening times hre.

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