Sunday in Portland

by The Good Life on March 26, 2012

in Portland

With a day off and some decent weather, we decided to cruise Portland on bikes.

I think this is snow blossum or something.  My Mum will be able to tell me otherwise.

This is the other fahrad fahrer auf dem weg.

This is the City of Roses amoungst other names.

Found the Burnside Skatepark under the bridge.  I didnt take my terrible skate skills down there.

The Portland version of David Doom filming someone doing a flip stunt.

We searched and hunted down all the folk carrying these big pink cake boxes, and turns out it was doughnuts coming out of the  streets just off burnside, on the west side of the river.  Its amazing how many people were queing up, and its a funny thing, like i get the feeling if there was a que like this for something in England people would be just like “yep, I’m going elsewhere” but here it seems to be a reason to jump on the line for your fix.

There is a lot of interesting people around Portland, and this is the sign I keep seeing.

On the way home from the Bookstore today, all these people went marching past giving it some about the government or something like that.

I think it was something about homelessness, and there is a lot of that here in Ptown.

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