US Open 2012 Pipe

by The Good Life on March 12, 2012

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Yesterday Pipe Finals went down here in Stratton, and it was a pretty epic day, loads of amazing riding, and some serious heavy hitters.  Shaun White above just cruising practice.

He has a new trick, double alley oop backside rodeo in his run, which is looking pretty good.

For this year they invited some previous winners along including Shaun, Kazu and Danny Kass, who has won the Open 5 times, so it was great to see him riding.  To me Danny is one of the real legends of the sport, if you look back at the videos from back in the day, Danny just charging the pipe, and then accepting his winnings with a full metal jacket style helmet dropping Grenades anywhere he could.

Danny hadnt ridden a pipe in over 2 years, so to just turn up and shred so good, was great and the crowd loved having him back here.  He was cruising some airs and even pulled out his 1080 to 1080 which he first dropped here way back in 2002 I believe.

Louie Vito was riding dirty in Camo.

His boy Jim Jones was here earlier in the week, but today Vito Senior was in the building holiding it down.Louie was riding really well, with this trick, double backside rodeo indy, really good to see a completely different trick from the pack.  He has been working super hard in the pipe, and so its good to see it paying off, getting 2nd here at the open.

In the womens, Ellery Hollingsworth, Kelly Clark and Elena Hight took home the podium.  Ellery below getting a chuckflip on. She was also doing a real nice front 7 all upside down, looking really good throughout.

These two were riding so good, and so stoked to see the girls stepping up the levels of womens riding.  It was a great final and when you think about the people not riding like Gretchen and Queralt, there is a lot to be positive about womens riding now. There was also a girl called Arielle Gold, who was charging in pipe too.  15 years old an the best front 9 i saw all day.

Alrighty then.  If today is the action update then Tommorow, I am going to do the other post from US Open, the portraits update.  Time for the plane.  Turns out I share the crying on plane thing with a few people after this week.  Bis Spater!

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