US Open 2012

by The Good Life on March 8, 2012

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So as a rider coming through from the UK back in the day, the US Open was always an iconic especially the pipe.  So to be here is always great and to be here announcing is even better.  Stratton is a good little ski town, and has a mellow vibe so its a nice place to go, way more mellow than frenchxgames next week.  Above Jan Scherrer getting it done in the pipe.

Unfortunately Jan didnt make finals today, he finished 14th which means that he would normally make it but there is some new special law which means Hans Weiss comes in and goes straight into the finals, and a couple of other previous winners, done to make sure he comes and its a cool way to get some legends here, rumours going round of Danny Kass coming here too.  It will be pretty epic come finals time either way, but shame for the kleines schweizer machine.

Camo is here aswell, Lagos dog, such a nice little bloke, seems like this blog is fast becoming a blog on doggies.

Louie Vito dropped in the pipe, and brought an entourage with him as always.  Dew Touw it was Yelawolf and here its Jim Jones.  Benni Westcher would be stoked.

This guy is running security up in pipe by our booth and he is the man. Tried telling me he is Methodmans cousin “because I aint seen any other brothers up in here” well I seen Jim Jones, but yeah funny guy, if you see him, you gotta say hello.  I think he was Spencer O’Briens new coach aswell for slope yesterday.

If you have a few minutes, watch this video, this shows you how epic the US Open is, and how much history this place has seen.

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