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by The Good Life on March 12, 2012

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So with a little downtime between events on finals day, I thought I should head out with that 50mm lense and see who is about creeping round US Open.  Hosting the US Open has been one of my biggest honours in snowboarding, as seriously to me growing up its always been a pinnacle event, so thanks to Nelson, Maria and Christie for making it happen.  Obviously first person who needs that shout out is Jake Burton making it happen since 1982, 30 years deep here for the Open.

Jake and Donna Carpenter who started Burton back in the day.  They have done so much to promote snowboarding, and still do to this day with projects such as the Chill Project.  Respect from everyone in snowboarding.

Eric Willet decided to take the landing on the face a few times, and this is what it came out like.  Good dude, spent a bunch of time with him, and he is definitely one of the good guys.

This little guy has been on fire this season, Tim Kevin Ravjnak, well he isnt so little anymore, and turning into the heartbreak kid.  His pipe riding is going so good, another following in the footsteps of Grillo and Cilka.

Hamilton from Transworld and Keller from Burton holding it down. Make sure to check out Kellers snowboard trick which I am gonna be dropping later this season.  Beast.

This is what webcasts look like.  But you know that.  T Bird and Henry holding it down, and pushing mens facial hair worldwide.

They have Tricia Byrnes running it on the snow, who I managed to grab quickly between work.  She also came 2nd at the washed up cup, winning 500 dollars.  I guess that 10% rule went down?

Possum Torr was in the house, rounding out the week as #partypossum and introducing the world to Drunken Cow Sandwiches.

Vito senior was in the building aswell, living la vida vito.

Keller again in the house. “do i look like I want fucking souvilaki for lunch?”

Doom. “you think this piece of bread is fixing my hangover” ich auch nicht.

Nelson Wormstead Co Announcer. “Game Face time baby”  Thank you for a great week sir.

Silje was in the house, blowing kisses and generally making my instagrams go good.

Another of the Norweigans was running it, well he was all year as he won TTR overall champ this year.  Well done squire.  Always a boss.  Congrats.

You probably saw Mutty and his Mutt on the webcast.  Mutty was poaching pipe riding a swallow tail too, charging it out.

Then the last little dog, who needs the shout out, had just run away from his mum, as we found out.  He wanted some sun and a sandwich.

 Lastly these guys need a serious shout out.  Jersey in the house right here.  These guys were there supporting Kelly Clark, and picking up rubbish for recycling, snowboarding needs more people like these guys, so stoked on how much they loved it all.

 Thanks to everyone for making US Open an epic week.  See you in Tignes.

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