Game of Thrones

If you havent started watching this yet, dont mess about. One of the best new shows I have seen in a while. Reminds me a lot of how stoked I was on Star Wars when i was a kid.  Except in this, not all your heroes live through it. [youtube][/youtube] Get involved. TweetRead more


So a lot has been made of Coachella in the past few years.  Funny how a lot of people turn their nose up at Snowbombing, but get all romantic when they talk about coachella.  Look carefully into both and they are not much different.  Anyways, so the big news for the last week has beenRead more

Nike SB – Eric Koston

I found this on youtube recently and pretty much shows why Eric Koston is the man.  Love it. [youtube][/youtube]   TweetRead more

Team Shootout

Sage Kotsenburg getting tit deep in the pow. So we just got home now, after an insane 3 weeks.  The Chosen Session, followed by some filming, followed by team shoot out for transworld, all interspersed with rain and tough conditions.  It was one of the most rewarding trips of the year however, and was aRead more


So this trip has gone from Chosen Session Prep, to Chosen Session, to rain, to Chosen Session Party, to Rain, to filming and shooting, to rain, to sun, to shooting, to team shootout and after 2 weeks and more rain, it was time to get outta town and search civilisation again.  Luckily Innsbruck isnt farRead more

Isenseven – Fools Gold

So the good folks down in Munich have come up with their latest teaser and as always its a banger.  Featuring mr König, Bäckström and many more. [vimeo][/vimeo] and just incase I didn’t post it already, then here is the final video from the chosen.  Great work by the filmers and editors.  Amazing riding fromRead more


Austin Smith Drinking Water. Joe Carlino shooting and generally running the show. Danny “I’m Snowboarding in my Brain” Jan “the guinea pig” Scherrer TweetRead more

The Chosen Black and White

Yesterday, well the last few days the weather has turned kinda crappy here, and so its been a limited amount to do.  Being the motivated bunch though, we sent some of the crew up the hill. These two blokes were making it happen up the hill, and getting the riders motivated. So I thought sinceRead more

Silver and light

Ian Ruhter is one of the guys who has worked on various Forum campaigns in the past.  This is his new project, which is unreal.  Spend 10 minutes to watch this beautiful piece of work. [vimeo][/vimeo] Amazing TweetRead more

Chosen Sessions 2.0

So then the first edits are up, this will give you a good idea of whats going down. The pros and ams are mixing it up like wildmen.  Check out the first video with Henry and Mr Bobby Meeks. [vimeo][/vimeo] Jan didnt read the memo from Peetu and Ethan.  Camo pants and a hoody.  NichtsRead more

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